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Living Intuitively in the Modern World
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If you feel stuck, unable to differentiate or discern what your intuition is, how to connect with it, or if you’re even capable of being intuitive -

you’re ready to….


If you know you’re intuitive, as we all are, and you want to be able to use it masterfully, or you feel blocked in letting it guide you in particular aspects of your life -

you’re ready to….



Meet Emily sullivan

Meet Emily Sullivan

The creation of Listener Living is my way of sharing the wisdom that arises repeatedly through one on one sessions on a larger scale and making it accessible.

I’m a lover of efficiency and practicality-that-bows-in-respect-to-magic. Never sacrifice the magic. When a problem arises my instinct is solution.

I’ve quickly realized one purpose of my existence is to let my life be a laboratory - to learn what works and what doesn’t in life and how to be truly guided on this human journey.

An experiment in the meshing of our everyday life with the inescapable cultivation and discovery of wisdom we are each here to reconnect to and build a relationship with.

The knowing that has guided my through every high and low of my journey and fed every exploration is that we are without a doubt not here to struggle. We are here to learn, grow and be in relationship to this crazy but beautiful life and world we have chosen and hold the responsibility to co-create.

There is no greater purpose in life than to discover your power for the good of yourself and the world.

Yes, you can do all the normal everyday things like buy your groceries, fill up your car with gas and cook your meals and be an intuitive being guided by the wisdom of the universe. This journey is non-exclusive. If you are here on this planet right now this information and these tools are for you. I’d love and be honored to help guide you on your path to discovering what true intuition is and how it can be a regular but profoundly essential tool in your everyday life.

In my everyday life I am a dancer, mother, creator, wife, dreamer, hot mess, beautiful, deep, natural dye artist, underwear designer, too many things to even keep track of myself…probably a lot like you, magically and thankfully, undefinable. It’s a pleasure to meet you and invite you into this space.


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