Full Body Release

Full Body Release


A 7-part video series with daily rituals to release tension in your whole body for less than the cost of one massage.

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In this 7 Part Video series I guide you through techniques to release tension + stress in your whole body and create ease in your mind. Every technique can be used at home, traveling, at work, or anytime you need it. 

I created this course to serve as the foundation of the practices I teach around accessing your intuitive voice and wisdom. A relaxed body is the baseline for hearing intuition clearly. If we're stressed in our body we're blocking how much information can flow through us. Also, tension just doesn't feel good. 

You'll get a taste of the Franklin Method, a system powerfully redefining what true embodiment means and how to tap into the potential of your physical self + connect the powers of the body and mind through the science of imagery. 

*Purchase of at least 1 set of Franklin Method massage balls is required to fully get the benefits of this course. The link to purchase is inside the course. 

Included in the course:

  • 7 videos with techniques and practices to release tension from your shoulders and neck all the way down to your feet.
  • 2 bonus videos
  • techniques + tips specifically for tension release while traveling 
  • bonus guided imagery downloadable audio for supporting an intuitive mind + body.
  • lifetime access + access to all future updates of the course
  • access to all videos as soon as you sign up

email hi@listenerliving.com with any questions.