You've heard people say 'all your answers are within you' and it sounds amazing but...

How do you use your intuition to actually get those answers and use that wisdom to guide you in ever facet of your life from health to relationships to business?



A session is the most supportive space to listen + be Guided by the wisdom In your body. 


Yes, you can literally have a conversation with your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the universe in you.

There is a science behind how life's wisdom communicates uniquely through you and a system that allows us to tap into that. Emily uses a combination of Universal Health Principles, Franklin Method and her own practices to offer you the supportive space of a session. 

What happens when you let your body speak? Everyone's session is unique and every session brings about different shifts. This wisdom is highly physical and very real. It uses your physical body to transmit it's information and the results of listening inward are a combination of healing, empowering, grounding, and expanding. An intro session is the best way to discover the details of how a session works and what it can offer you. Schedule yours below. 


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