Listener Living offers inspiration, practices, practical tools, grounded guidance, relatable experience, and support - all centered on your journey - our journey - of mastering the art of embedding intuition in everyday, modern life.

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Our pillars

• Listener Living exists to redefine Intuition as our primary source for scientifically-grounded, spiritually connected self support that empowers each individual deeply, beyond doubt, fear, and limitation into expansion, alignment and beauty of each unique life + experience.

• To empower a new paradigm of individuals masterfully grounded in intuitive, game-changing self support over reliance on the guru-centric world of personal growth.

• To clarify Intuition, help it be understood like a science and integrated as a daily practice.

• To give basis for and example of life and experience guided by intuition with practices and inspiration that support this journey, and to show the true success and happiness that it brings.

• To reinforce and empower each individual on their unique path, with no right or wrong way or experience - seeing everything as information and communication from life uniquely to the individual experiencing it.

• To support the collective repair of Intuition as Foundation.

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Elements of Intuition

• A shift in our dynamics with life - where we each become receivers of wisdom through listening - the skill that requires our masterful practice - once strengthened becomes our primary foundation for self support and life guidance.

• An inherent line of communication between every individual and the voice/guidance of Life - opened through awareness, consciousness evolution, and practice of presence.

  • An accessible, practice-based, innate skill with practical application in everyday, modern life.

  • Rather than a divine appointing, a gift we all posses

  • A relationship to life, rather than an isolated phenomenon.

  • An energy of no separation between your most empowered health, life, relationships, etc. Each is an expressions of You - sourced, guided, and connection from Intuition.

  • Directly correlated with a conscious way of living that asks us each to gently shed what we are not to fully step in to who we our - our authentic expression of self.

    Allowing Intuition to circulate consciously and subconsciously in us means bringing ourselves into conversation with a wisdom far beyond our conscious mind’s reach. By bringing this in we connect every minute aspect of ourselves to the life giving force of Universe/God. We allow that intelligence to move through us - to be our eyes, ears, all senses, beyond what we can comprehend when we attempt life on our own separate path.

  • Intuition is connecting our self with the mind of life

  • Seeing that separation creates dis-ease and simply by practicing reconnection through being receivers of life’s communication to us we reconnect to our healing capacity - mind spirit and body. It creates an environment internally and externally that acts, mainly subconsciously, out of disconnected agenda.