The Map // 30 Day Process

Self-guided mastery. Perfect for the person ready to truly distill the capacity and power of their intuitive mind and to cultivate their embodiment to sustain this expansion with impeccable discernment. Be taken on a deep dive process with a day-by-day guide to navigate all aspects of this mastery and see beautiful results.

A downloadable course you can do in 30 days or at your own rhythm.

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1:1 Session

A 60-minute session with Emily includes follow-up notes from the call and one follow-up check-in email within 2 weeks of your session.

Investment $195


Visionary + Creative Entreprenuer Support

Your daily life, running your business, leading a team, leading yourself, sustaining your drive and passion, visioning new products, curating campaigns, potentially being a partner or parent on top of it all - its SO. MUCH. OUTPUT. Understandably, you’re craving support to keep producing at this level, to continue expanding yourself and your impact, to foster continual inner authenticity and personal alignment.

We are in a time where this mastery matters.

You want to masterfully embody intuition to navigate all you are doing with clarity and ease - for your personal and business life. You want to master the art of being supported just as you are seeking to support and impact others.

It’s my gift and honor to offer my support to you in exactly that place your imminent expansion and helping propel that process. 

So let’s talk.

Inquire about an intro session I’ll send a 1:1 session recording for you to listen in on before we connect. If we feel to move forward we’ll test a month of working together before to set a foundation for how I can best support you. Some need to call in support on an as-needed basis, others want it consistently in their calendar. Either way, we’ll find what works best for you.

Investment starts at $397/month for 4 sessions or $195/session. Very limited spots available.