Daily Rituals + Summer Uniform '19

The rituals of my daily life are where I’ve found space to fill my cup. These everyday rituals are what connect me to a sense of rhythm and nature which brings life into me.

They are the moments of getting dressed, washing my face, cleaning the dishes, driving in my car.

When life is high demand, these are the moments where time and space can expand and self can be refound - a discovery owed to necessity.

The crash and burn that happens if the cup isn’t filled isn’t worth it. I’ve learned that picking up the pieces after a crumble is actually much more exhausting, effortful and straining on everyone than just being upfront with myself and my family, or even in rare moments, my clients, that I need some time.

Since becoming a mother I’ve learned, out of necessity, that I can make my daily tasks my rituals - intentional, consistent, and therefore exponentially more valuable. 2018 became a year of listening for and experimenting with how to be most efficient as a creator, business owner and mother (not in that order, or really any order to be honest).

My natural way of processing is efficiency so I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make everything I do more efficient. So, “how can my work really deeply feed me?” was the only question I could pose to life and myself to discover what that looked like. This is what I mean when I share that I let my life be an experiment for what I teach. I’m constantly asking questions and experimenting with possibilities to see what can really create an effect in our modern lives to hopefully, in turn, make it easier for others - for you.

Letting these rituals evolve as I grow - finding ways to express myself through them and discover what I love has been such a way to bring joy in. In one area in particular - fashion.

As I’ve stepped into my expression of womanhood with the journey into motherhood, beginning my 30’s, and shedding a lot of childhood tendencies that felt safe and familiar, I have found a beautiful relationship to fashion.

Not the serious-faced, catwalk, up with all the trends fashion, but my personal expression of style. Just typing that makes me feel all womanly and happy inside. I know what it feels like to see a woman or man take my breath away with their confidence and the image of themselves they’ve curated and expressed. It’s Next Level. Another way to consciously exist, to project value, worth, and creativity into the world - which are all such nourishing energies for humanity right now. We can all use more of them.

My daily ritual of getting dressed is evolving into this beautiful moment with the opportunity for me to start my day excited, confident, feeling sexy, in my body and simultaneously ready to show up in every way - my studio or creative space, as momma, friend and wife.

My past avoidance of shopping for clothes has evolved into a quick clean out of a closet or drawer, a trip to donate it at the thrift store and a quick browse through the racks to see what treasures exist. Unbelievably, wool, cashmere, linen, and alpaca can all be found on those racks. This has brought fun back into the dreaded task of shopping (mostly deterred by the awareness of the highly destructive and unsustainable nature of the fashion industry.) Finding women who embody style in a way that feels expansive and resonant to me, to cultivate that feeling of choosing beauty in my unique expression.

Now, I’m closing out winter with new pieces that feel like me, that I am excited to put on and that say something to others about me without me saying anything. They are new staples.

As we near spring and summer and I imagine what this summer will represent - so much individuality, creative expression, landing, grounding, and visibility - I’m preparing my “uniform.”

A uniform goes on swiftly, simply, is part of a routine and works for all the jobs you need to do in a day.

I knew I wanted sustainable linen to be the focus, practical shoes that save time and feel great and happen to be on trend, and a simple addition of femininity, for me a gold necklace.

Summer Uniform '19.png

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Emily Sullivan