Intuition in Everyday Life

How wonderful would it feel to trust your intuition, to trust your own unique language of it - to free it of comparison, judgement and shame?

Welcome to Listener Living.

I’m Emily and my journey the last 10+ years has been deep study of the science of the body, how it heals, and how we are connected to this big picture universe, as groups and individuals. to understand the ruling principles of life and how to use them on a daily basis, in a grounded way, for Expanding Consciousness and aligning with ourselves.

I believe we are here to learn, from our most challenging situations, that we are more powerful than we have ever known. That each challenge is actually a gift - a teacher showing us where we are letting an energy be more powerful than ourselves. Our role is to Listen and let life lead us to our Authentic power.

The purpose of finding our power is freedom. The more individuals embodying and mastering the energetics of freedom the more humanity sees it’s possible. Then we each more easily begin to choose freedom to influence larger systems.

Intuition is how you’re guided through your highly individual and unique journey of growth. It’s the guidance that exceeds your limited, patterned, conditioned mind and is trying to communicate to you to show you what is possible and, most essentially, how to embody it.

Intuition is how the subtle world makes itself known to those who are willing to listen. Subtlety is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious realities and within this subtle connection exists an infinite capacity of information that wants you to use it for guidance..

Those willing to navigate the journey Of life by Listening and receive more subtle communication from it open themselves to support beyond anything the human mind can access on its own.

To start to learn your Intuitive Language •

Notice your nature. Learn yourself.

  • What way of processing, communicating, and being come effortlessly to you?

  • How do you naturally interpret the world?

Your nature is the #1 way life communicates to you what to focus on and where to rely on gaining insight from

Start to take note of this so your nature can be the foundation you rely on rather than trying to work with teachings of others that may or may not align with how you are being asked to move through the world.

What I love about diving into the mastery and study of intuition is that it encourages, at every turn, that you find your unique blueprint or thumbprint of intuiting. There are guidelines or a science that gives the foundation of opening and cultivating this conversation with life, but you have your own individual expression of it and that’s what is so exciting.

To me, any teachings that support a one-size-fits-all approach is an instant red flag that there is a bundle of “this may or may not work for me” loaded in that teaching and that is going to be somewhat a waste of your time if you try to follow it step by step and fit yourself in to that system.

If you are drawn to a system, let it pull you as much as feels true to you - the absorbing stage.

Then as you feel less captivated by it let it go and what you need will stay with you - the integration stage and re-individuation.

The resources on this site will act as guidance for your process with finding your unique way of communicating with life. Please ask any and all questions as you move through. My life has brought me to a point where I am feeling the pull to share my discoveries and research on intuition as practical guidance but understanding how I can best guide other’s through it is the next stage of discovery. Your questions can help to guide this content. .

Process this :

Write down the places, moments, or tasks that flow easily from you, get you in your “zone” or require the least amount of effort.

Write down all the places where you feel extreme effort being put forth that feels strange, wrong, or against your nature. Starting to see these as places where you are being asked to let go more rather than force and push harder to try and make them work.

I’ll give you a personal example for both -

  • I notice myself in a zone in the mornings when I’m home alone and can choose what I do with my next moment. I notice myself in a zone when I am in my own personal space

Emily Sullivan