Returning Home

Emily Sullivan

We are on a collective journey back to our feeling bodies which hold the communication of nature, flow, and path.

We are returning to our listening selves - returning home.

Sensory Feeling is the language of life. Quiet is where you receive it's messages to you.

I invite you to hold close to this space and allow it to serve you as a reflector of and guide to your inner world. A space where the only communication that matters is what wants to move through you. 

The world around you rarely holds space for quiet. And if it does, it's cut, separated and undone from its wholeness and constancy. Quiet is designed to be with you just in the way that your heart beat is with you - Always, until the end, and even then I imagine it continues.

By quiet I don't mean silence. My experience has been that quiet can exist amidst anything. It's the peace of nature within you and always available. 

Your role is to cultivate it, become familiar with how it feels and learn it so well that you become It. Then all expression, beauty, laughter, joy, creation, choice, moment, can flow from its well. 

I invite you to hold close as we journey into what I believe life is using every ounce of its energy to try and share - that you are being communicated with all the time. You are a receiver of precise, directed messages from life and your role is to master your innate capacity to listen. 

To relearn the language of your body, soul, and nature.

When you listen you receive all you need. I don’t mean metaphorically. Instead very literally. 

The conditioned reality says you have to figure out, push, do, grind. But, you were born cellularly knowing the embedded reality that is Support and Guidance.

In a system like this there is no need to force or try, and definitely not to figure out. Here, you Access and Allow. You become a Receiver. 

Welcome to that journey, wherever you are on it. Welcome to this space. Welcome home.