Create to know yourself.


Why do we continue to trust the thoughts that say, "wait"? Why do we continue to trust the internal judgement that says, "it could be so much better"?

Yes to excelling, improving, expanding, but don't wait. Don't limit.

Just create something. 

What's your creation? What's the thing that's been whispering (read:yelling) in your ear? Giving you that feeling where you wish life could distract you from the deep internal knowing that you just. need. to. do. it. 

Creation is putting yourself 'on stage' and seeing what happens. 

Becuase until you create you don't truly know who you are. You've never met the real you. 

You're not who you think you are. You're never who you think you are. 

You're the person doing your grocery shopping. The person sending her emails. The person driving her car.  Walking her dog. Waking up. That's where the real you exists. In the routine. The hidden moments.

You don't create these moments consciously. You don't see yourself in these moments. They are just happening. They are the manifestation of everything you are subconsciously, all of the internalized systems of how you've learned to do life.

When you step back and see what you've created that's when you see yourself.

Those are the moments where truth is revealed, challenges are seen, compassion can be brought, gifts thrive, life is fed and finally expands. 

So just do it. Just create. See yourself over and over and over and over until you aren't scared of yourself anymore and until the world, or you, doesn't have to ask, who are you and what do you have to share?

You've now been seen.

And the sigh of relief that it just. got. done. can be breathed. 

love, Em


Emily SullivanComment