Existing with the Unknown


There's a space we all inevitably end up in. 

Once a day. 100 times a day. Truly when are we are ever not in it?

The space of unknown. 

When we don't know it's easy to get freaked out. To pull together a quick answer that doesn't totally feel right. To search and search and not settle until we find an answer. To try to run away.

How can we exist in and with the unknown so it doesn't feel incredibly overwhelming? How can we be with it in a way that actually gives us peace?

What if the point is just quiet

What if all we are really meant to know is the silence and wisdom of nothingness? It's peace, beauty, stillness. 

Isn't that what we all really want anyway?

Instead we keep searching and gambling on answers that might bring us closer to happiness without ever stopping to listen and hear that what we need might already be there patiently waiting for the moment when it's invited by the silence and quiet to be heard, felt, loved, and truly experienced with nothing needed from it other than just to be in its presence. 

In that space we find what we were looking for without needing to search.

We allowed it in. 

Emily SullivanComment