Listen In to a Session

Listen In to a Session.jpg

For the last 8+ years I’ve supported over 50 clients long-term through my 1:1 sessions. I absolutely love sharing this work because of the instant mental and physical relief and clarity that comes by going through this process. There’s so much value in feeling clear, grounded, confident, and met where you’re at and to have your desires and struggles seen by someone who can see the gifts in them and the transformation beyond them.

When you’re in the midst of struggle or not able to see your own transformation clearly having someone you resonate with help you break through what you are outgrowing is invaluable. It actually increases your own sense of self value which is a very transformative and aligning energy.

The creation of Listener Living is my way of sharing the wisdom that arises repeatedly through the one on one sessions on a larger scale and making it accessible. Bringing in aligned support will speed up the transformation process exponentially.

A session recording offers it’s own special something in the way of being a resource you can return to as many times as you need for insights, reminders, and guidance. Think of a book you love opening to any page whenever you need because you know you’ll read just what you need to see. A recorded session offers that same inspiration and reminder.

Take a listen to this session recording below to get a feel for the flow, depth, and possibility of a session.

Emily Sullivan