Listen In to a Session

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For the last 8+ years I’ve supported over 50 clients long-term through my 1:1 sessions. I love offering them because of the mental clarity and physical relief that lands instantly. There’s profound value in feeling clear, grounded, confident, and met where you’re at when you are in the midst of upleveling and aligning.

I know there is a lot of curiosity around what a session entails, encompasses, and can support with so I have edited an excerpt of a 1:1 session here for you to listen in on.

And, let’s clarify the inner workings of a session.

Think of a session like meditation+intuitive conversation on steroids that’s rewiring your nervous system and helping you navigate the waves of life on a growth trajectory.

In a session we work with the current blueprint of your consciousness, your inner world that’s playing itself out in your outer world, and use the body’s natural self-aligning capacity and the power of awareness to rewire your nervous system and guide you into alignment with your authentic self in an embodied way.

By bringing focus and support to your connection to life, think of it like an energetic umbilical cord we all have that feeds us on every level, you are naturally creating soul, body and mind alignment. In every moment we are communicating with life through our conscious and subconscious. We are simultaneously being supported by life through every experience and our whole external world. Depending on our capacity to be aware of this very special and essential connection to life we are able to co-create and direct our life most powerfully.

It’s a new paradigm of evolution to grow from this place because it takes the out-dated guru dynamic and replaces it with the potency of your individual connection to infinite wisdom and guidance.

Learning the language of the universe is learning the native language of your body and is, therefore, tapping you in to speaking to language of your life, joining in on the most important conversation and relationship you’ll have in this lifetime and beyond. Bringing about ease, power, expansion and ultimately joy.

Every session is completely individual - like your own story of evolution being laid out in front of you. That being said we are all having a human experience and working within the same physics and energetics so our experiences can and do mirror each others. This means we can benefit from and grow from sessions both individually and collectively.

Listen in to this excerpt of a session I did with a client to get insight into what receiving a session can be like and to receive the brain rewiring benefits of it for yourself!

A few notes on this session • This specific excerpt highlights the aspect of sessions where I intuitively listen in and use a muscle checking or biofeedback mechanism to ask the client’s body yes or no questions to clarify specific areas that are ready upgrade in their brain and nervous system. This beautifully takes both the client and I out of a position of leading with our mind’s agenda and instead being guided through a process of healing. It’s profound how much the wisdom of your body can guide it’s own healing and upgrading journey when we step out of it’s way. One of the many reasons I love this work is because it is embedded practice of surrendering to a wisdom within us and experiencing, first-hand, the peace that arises from that surrender.

There are many facets to my 1:1 sessions and this excerpt will give you a glimpse specifically into the process of how we can access the subconscious mind for profound healing, release and alignment. Throughout my work with clients I guide you through all layers of your being and current journey from how to work with your subconscious mind, how to decipher your conscious mind’s patterns, tapping into your own intuition for guidance, learning how to listen to that wisdom most clearly and actionably, when and how to trust it, how to decode what it’s really trying to tell you, how to read your inner and outer world current landscapes to navigate your own upgrades into authenticity and true self-alignment, and so much more.

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Emily Sullivan