Intuition Myth

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And I always love coming across people using their gifts to debunk the myths and share true grounded information that is actually practical to our modern lives and useful to getting results.

So here are just a handful of the myths to debunk around intuition.

#1- It’s not future telling or truth finding. There are only a very small number of truths that exist in our world and they typically are truths based on mechanics of life or how things work (physics) rather than situational outcomes - think psychics telling you you’ll die at age 32 or that you’ll only find your partner if you wear red for the next 3 weeks. When we wonder or want to be given the answer to, “what is the outcome of this situaton going to be?” we’re working off the myth that there is a determined future that will happen to us that we have no control over or no co-creative relationship to. In that idea of intuition you have things sprouting like superstition and paying others to tell you your future for this belief that knowing simply an outcome is what matters. Fine, you’ll be married but does it feel algined? Do you even like this person? Or were you just playing out this scenario you beleived should happen. It totally disassociates the individual from their very active role in creating their experiences.

Life is teaching us how it works as we live in it. If premonition, superstition, medium-ship etc were ways we were meant to create and live our lives fundamentally, then we’d see that life was showing us we needed to know the future in order to thrive or grow, be happy or succeed. But we see this isn’t true. In fact, we see the opposite - that joy and freedom come from trusting yourself and life when you don’t know, from strengthening those muscles, rather than being shown that you have to know the answer or else…

#2- Intuition is only information we receive from life.

A lot of what I see (and have done many times myself) is

Truth: It’s actually a conversation.

Experiences give meaning to words more than Webster ever will. Language is energy and energy matters - it’s how we communicate with life (my version of Intuition).

Emily Sullivan