So I can show up ready for our time together please make an audio recording sharing a bit more about yourself

I’d love to hear why you booked a consult, a bit of your background, your current story - which can include your work, family, relationships, finances, business creation/venture/growth, and health challenges you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing.

Where you’d like to be/what you are trying to move towards and into. Paint the picture of what reality or experience - inner and outer - feels most aligned to you. And then any additional info on what feels like it’s stopping you from being in that reality.

Lastly, share any practices or support you are currently working with or have already worked with and any results (or lack of) that feel relevant.

Trust whatever you share is relevant and what you don’t share is ok. These are really just prompts to give me a sense of you and a window into your world to know how I can best support.

To record use voice memo or text record option and text or email to 336-202-4313 or

So looking forward to meeting and working with you!