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Living Intuitively in the Modern World

A life in alignment with Your Intuition.

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worry, Doubt, Searching - trying to fIND the right answers is Only Pulling You further away.


Imagine - You Make space for quiet and the stress drops away. You Bring Awareness to Your body - It heaLs and rewires. You explore The Language of The Universe within you and You

never search for answers again.


I’m Emily Sullivan, creator of Listener Living and Intuition Consultant.

Intuition is an innate gift you’ve been given for authentically navigating your life - from personal health, healing, inner growth, to relationships, money, business, really everything. The challenge is that it’s not understood deeply and practically enough to be useful or impactful like it is designed to be.

My mission is to help shape a new definition and deeper understanding of intuition through individual experience. To offer resources to help you practically use intuition to ground and guide you in everything.

To debunk intuition myths. Clarify its physical connection within your mind and body. To support your return to your intuitive instinct. To help you hone and expand your unique intuitive language, and to help you navigate and create your life from your intuitive knowing so feels authentically aligned.

I also hold a special place in my heart, and consulting practice, for business owners striving to find their intuitive compass for navigating business and life. I share on this on the Journal and in Field Notes - the bi•monthly newsletter.

The results of relying on your intuition?

Peace of mind, relief from mental overwhelm, more energy and inspiration, inner and outer freedom, personal alignment, healed trauma, expanded consciousness, and a thriving, authentic life - all leading the way to a new paradigm of self-connected human beings.


Where to start

There are many entry points into this exploration to meet you where you’re at - and more in the works. Pick one to dive in with now.

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Inspire your process with

The Journal

Resources and support for giving your intuition a voice, the connection of intuition to your subconscious mind, intuitive entrepreneurship, client stories, meditations for centering and stress release, my personal experiences with these practices, intuitive embodiment, and more.


Go deeper with

Field Notes • The Newsletter

The bi•monthly email created to help you deepen your application and exploration of using your intuition from the micro to macro moments. Includes additional tools, resources, opportunities, and more that aren’t always on the blog.


Get Hands On with

A Consultation

Ready to fully integrate? These are 90-minute consultations for the moments of initiating a new embodiment or evolution, clarifying your most potent individual process & actions, or the final push of integration & shift. Or really anywhere in between.


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