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Intuition is a subtle language that communicates with you in even more subtly unique ways.


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Intuitive Entreprenuer Consultation


Investment starts at $200 or $397/month for retainer. Limited openings available.

Imagine building every aspect of your business from your instinct - the same instinct that’s also connected to your health - mental and physical, your inner evolution, your outer expansion, all your desires outside of business - and clearly hearing and feeling this instinct guiding you as second nature. It’s the modern version of ‘getting ahead.’

From running your business, fueling yourself, visioning new products, curating campaigns, likely leading a team, potentially being a partner or parent, and sustaining your own drive and passion on top of it all - you’ve got SO. MUCH. to navigate. So much energy to hold. And so much output. Understandably, you need support.

Internal growth and self-alignment married with external, authentic fulfillment is the new paradigm of success we are evolving into - out of desire and necessity.

At the root of making the shift into intuitive entrepreneurship are two things -

  • Surrendering to your inner compass - having a grounded understanding of what your intuition is and how it works so you can reliably use it and -

  • processing patterns of stress - subconsciously & physically embedded

This is where I offer my expertise to propel your process. 

Inquire below to book a consultation. *Retainer options available following initial session.


Private Consultation


Investment $200

90-minute sessions focusing on any aspect of the intuitive living journey.

About Emily



While we build the FAQ’s to offer clarity send us your questions so we can answer them personally.

In the works



The Map // 30 Day Process

A downloadable course on foundations of intuitive listening you can do in 30 days or at your own rhythm.

Perfect for the person wanting to cultivate their intuitive embodiment. A day-by-day guide to navigate all aspects of this mastery and see beautiful results.

Small Group Communities //

A small group of individuals (no more than 10) to support each other in intuitive living. Facilitated by Emily at an affordable monthly rate of $100/month. Focusing on aspects of the journey curated by and relevant to the group.