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Private Consult

Let’s remove what’s blocking you, clouding your clarity, irrelevant, unnecessary, what’s ready to heal, what’s ready to simplify and connect you back to your path of self-alignment.

A blend of all of my training, these 90-minute sessions focus wherever they need to. My skill is helping us hone in on what is ready to shift and where to initiate that shift for biggest results. To empower you to know how to listen in and navigate life from intuition.

Investment is $200 for a 90-minute session.

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Intuitive Entrepreneur Consult

From running your business, visioning new products, curating campaigns, working with clients, possibly leading a team, being a partner or parent, and on top of it all sustaining your own drive and passion - you’ve got plenty you’re navigating. So much energy to hold and so much output.

This is where I offer my expertise to propel your process.

Investment starts at $200 or $397/month for retainer*. Limited openings available. *Retainer options available following initial session.

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About Emily

Intuition made itself known in Emily’s life at a very early age. Now as a mother, business owner, and multi-passionate creative, it’s an essential tool that guides and grounds everything she does.

She’s worked with hundreds of clients helping them heal, release subconscious stress, and attune to their body and intuition to navigate life, from everyday moments to big life decisions and challenges.

Emily received a dual B.A/B.F.A. in Dance at Hollins University and holds certifications in energetic healing modalities, BodyTalk and Universal Health Principles, along with a teacher certification in functional anatomy & imagery-based modality, Franklin Method.

Her primary mission with Listener Living is to guide individuals to trust their intuition as they navigate every aspect of their life and provide grounded tools to propel their journey. She share daily on Instagram and regularly on The Journal and via her newsletter, Field Notes.

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